2D and 3D surface finish measurement system.



Engine cylinder walls inspection with µSurf Cylinder

uSurf Cylinder is capable of capturing the surface topography of cylinder bore surfaces, down to the nanometer. It yields qualitative and quantitative data in the wear and defects on the cylinder wall. This measurement data enables the analysis of honing structures, exposure depths, standard roughness values, surface roughness, and the wear volume after testing.


Portable 3D instrument for lab, production, and field applications

uSurf Mobile is a mobile optical 3D measurement system developed especially for the measurement of large objects in rough environments. The entire surface measurement system weighs only 5.5 kg (12 lbs.), has an integrated autofocus, and can be readied for on-site use within a few minutes. Its features make uSurf Mobile ideally suited for applications in the lab and field and along the whole industrial process chain.


Machine components inspected with µSurf Explorer

Surface finishing has typical grinding structures. The roughness according to DIN, EN, or ISO standards can be determined based on a profile section as a benchmark. uSurf Explorer can determine evidence of wear, defects, appearance, and the directional dependence of roughness.


3D Cylinder Geometry Measurement and Bore Distortion

Diameter and Deformation can be determined with our in-cylinder measurement instrument. It is positioned to cast along an area around the cylinder wall surface. Measures successively along the full stroke. Our laser profiling system has enough resolution to detect distortions or defects from around 10 microns.