Surface Metrology: 2D and 3D Measurement Systems


MiniProfiler: Tactile Measurement Systems

With the ability to produce accurate and cost-effective measurements of surface roughness and waviness parameters directly from the shop floor, Breitmeier measurement technologies (BMT) MiniProfiler is a line of tactile surface-measurement devices perfectly suited for all quality control requirements in a rough environment.Our MiniProfiler (MP) are the most compact in size and the most versatile on the market today; boasting totally customizable features suited to the special needs of any fast-paced production line. Read More

µSurf Cylinder: Confocal Microscopes for Cylinder Inspection

uSurf Cylinder is capable of capturing the surface topography of cylinder bore surfaces, down to the nanometer. It yields qualitative and quantitative data in the wear and defects on the cylinder wall. This measurement data enables the analysis of honing structures, exposure depths, standard roughness values, surface roughness, and the wear volume after testing.


BMT-WLI: In-Cylinder White-Light Interferometer

WLI is a cylinder wall 3D precision metrology instrument capable of producing three-
dimensional and automatically detecting a variety of surface defects. The In-Cylinder White Light Interferometer is the most advanced surface measurement technology in its class. The WLI’s fully customizable roughness and waviness parameters along with its honing angle and torn and folded metal evaluation capabilities are key in maintaining quality standards or analyzing wear patterns. Needing no maintenance, its robust build is designed withstand the high paced production environment.


Cylscan is a cylinder bore surface scanning technology, that optically produces a 360-degree image of any cylinder wall. Using its optimized two-dimensional image analysis software, it recognizes any surface abnormalities and defects. Fully customizable, and with easy centering technology, in as little as twenty seconds the Cylscan provides reliable qualitative data to maintain production standards directly from the line.