BMT MiniProfiler

With the ability to produce accurate and cost-effective measurements of surface roughness and waviness parameters directly from the shop floor, Breitmeier measurement technologies (BMT) MiniProfiler is a line of tactile surface-measurement devices perfectly suited for all quality control requirements in a rough environment.

Our MiniProfiler are the most compact in size and the most versatile on the market today; boasting totally customizable features suited to the special needs of any fast-paced production line.

With the MiniProfiler MP15’s ability to take measurements inside small diameter holes, on cylindrical geometries or on simple plates, we can fulfill nearly every surface measurement regardless of the shape. There have been even customized versions, for measuring gear tooth, crank and camshafts, cams and coils.

The MiniProfiler MP50 and MiniProfiler MP75 are the two larger sizes of tactile tools with measurement lengths of 50 mm and 75 mm respectively. They enable more surface data in one stroke and a calculation of waviness parameters.

The MiniProfiler MP-C is a tactile surface roughness device with an integrated camera for visualizing overlying surface patterns like the hatch angle or bigger pores and defects.

All tactile devices can also be Bluetooth connected and implemented in more automated measurement tools, gantry machines or even integrated into a complete measuring cell with part positioning and discharging of non-compliant parts.

As a small handheld tool for surface analysis in the metrology room or an automated complex measurement equipment for your production line, we go all the way with your requirements. Measurement tasks that might seem complicated for you is where our work begins.

Our user-friendly software interface allows a calculation of any 2D surface parameters according to current standards in just one measurement! You can teach-in 1000 different measurement tasks and routines including export and report generation. We can export into qs-Stat or .CSV for your convenience. If you need to integrate the measurement software into your own software or use it with a PLC, our software development team can enable that!

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