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Conexo’s instruments fit the highest expectations for accurate testing and evaluation of drivetrain and mechanical components, materials, and coatings. We offer tools designed to save time and money on our customers measurement project. These provide valuable data that supports product development, quality control, and performance testing for upcoming challenges.

Conexo offers different lines of specialized equipment for accurately testing and evaluating mechanical components. We focus in

  • Oil particles measurement, aeration and early damage detection in mechanical testing
  • Engine oil emission and oil consumption measurement during dynamic testing
  • Tribology of materials and components, and dynamic simulation rigs
  • Drivetrain surface finish metrology and bore geometry and distortion
  • Oil aeration tester, air entrainment and air release in dynamic component simulation

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Fields of Expertise

Oil Consumption and Oil Emission

Oil emission and oil consumption measurement.

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Particles in Oil / Damage Detection

Particle online measurement, early damage detection

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Tribotesting / Component Simulation

Friction and wear testing / dynamic simulation

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Aeration Test for Liquids

Aeration, air entrainment and air release testing

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Surface Metrology

Drivetrain parts surface measurement and cylinder geometry

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